Friday, July 17, 2015

Threats of Suit - The Gable Center

Mr Jerry Bowling has threatened to sue me for using the name of "The Gable Center" on a website I am working on. In addition to threatening to sue me he also threatened to whip my ass.

He has hired EPGD attorneys at law and has informed Eric Gros-Dubois to pursue me to the fullest extent of the law.

The real issue is he thought I was attempting to hurt his business and resorted to horrible behavior in an attempt to get my attention. He started his conversation with me by calling me a mother f....r and threatening me. Even with that sophomoric behavior I still made the edits to the site to remove any confusion from website visitors. Oh and I have a recording of the complete conversation.

The website I was working on was repurposing freely available location data of treatment centers and creating a directory where others can leave reviews and comments about the respective clinics. The site is nowhere near done and really only contains dummy content.

Word of advice to Mr Bowling. If you want others to help you even if they may of made a mistake don't start the conversation calling someone a mother f....r and threatening them. You may not like the response you get when you do. Also thanks for the encouragement. 

Be sure to bookmark this blog if you want to follow this as I will use it as a diary of the ensuing legal battle with Mr Bowling and The Gable Center,

Friday, September 6, 2013

Only in Automotive - Rockstars Everywhere

The car business is full of rockstars. Some are rightfully so others not so much but that is the game we play in the car business. Just recently I reached out to what I thought was an old friend and was met with hostility by another party. This interaction reminded me that in automotive nobody plays by the rules they say they live by.

If you say your are neutral live by that. If you are going to represent yourself for profit that is ok but don't do it saying that you are neutral. It is crap like that that keeps the car business behind other industries as far as progress goes. To many mixed messages from people.

All I know is I am aligned with a group of great guys and girls that know what it takes to be successful with automotive CRM solutions and my job is to help others learn more about what we do and drive that conversion. I just don't hide my motives but at the same time I don't try to make others think that I am something that I am not...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Living in Baltimore Now

Wow it has been a really long time since I have update this blog. I am now living in Baltimore Maryland and have moved my family here in pursuit of a new career with iMagicLab.

My new boss has written a book, "The Good Fail" by Richard Keith Latman,. It is a pretty good read as some of it is almost a mirror of what is going on in my life at this point in time. Hopefully I will recover through this and get back on top of the game as well.

The cool thing about my new position it allows me to do what I am best at, while at the same time learning about new technology and processes. Right now I am on a project that if I can figure out how to put all the pieces together will revolutionize the use of data in CRM platforms. To me that is very exciting to be on the edge of something new and out of the box.

If you have been a long time reader here please keep coming back as I will be highlighting my new endeavors journey here over the next few months.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Wicked Web We Weave

Being high profile in an industry has it's advantages and disadvantages.  We have built our business completely on networking and content distribution.  Just recently I did a post about "The Next Generation of Dealer Services Scams" which was a play on words for a company name.  I knew there would be some rebuff from it but the biggest came from someone who tried to remain anonymous.

It turns out, with a little research, that this person who wished to remain hidden has ties to individuals putting on a training seminar for social media, but he did a poor job covering his tracks.  By using Google I was able to determine their real identity and previous social media interactions.

When we create online persona's we have to be careful of all of our interactions.  We cannot say one thing in a social media setting then and then try to sell a different version in our business.  This is what happened in this interaction.  Once I was able to track down this person I found that he was antagonistic in all of his interaction with others online but bills himself as a Neuro Sculpting practitioner.

Just makes you wonder what their real agenda was..

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A full plate - What's next!!

Just recently I have attended many automotive conferences and met with many vendors in the niche one was a dealer chat vendor and another was an automotive crm provider.  They provide some very unique tools and I look forward to working with them.

Two dealers that I have worked with in the past have bought Ford dealerships, one is a North Carolina Chevy dealer and another was a dealer I worked for as an Internet sales manager.  It is exciting to see them stepping into the domestic market leader locations.

Other things in the pipe is setting up a hands on automotive conference where we will be teaching automotive seo and social media techniques.  That project is fairly large and it will be fun to participate in.

I enjoy living with this full plate of activity without sacrificing service in the process..

Monday, April 13, 2009

Recent Trip to New Jersey

A couple weeks ago I made a trip to see clients and to discuss my craiglist service for car dealers with future business partners.  It was an awesome trip because I got to connect with some top tier automotive SEO practitioners in addition to meeting with clients.

One of the stops I made was with a Greenville Chevy Dealer who is doing a phenomenal job with their online marketing efforts.  It looks like they have scaled back on most antiquated forms of advertising and turning their efforts to the web.

In New Jersey I met with a NJ Infiniti Dealer who feels like they have been taken advantage of by the marketing of another automotive seo provider.  It is realkly amazing to find out what others really think of my competition. 

While my personal marketing sites are lacking in their current state, something I am working on, I have found that the best clients are the ones that come from referals and recomendations from others.  The growth I have experienced has been completely from organic growth and I have yet to do any outbound marketing.  I am greatful for this but now I have to kick it to a higher level.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Proving a Point and Making Money

I have recently taken a special interest in Pasch Consulting Group, mainly because they are duping dealers into thinking what they are doing is effective and Brian Pasch has a shady past.  Most dealers do not have a good benchmark to determine if what is working for them is genuine or smoke and mirrors.

What is nice though they, Pasch Consulting Group, likes to publish "case studies" and give away the keywords they are winning and their clients names.  This has prompted me to create some test sites to see if the keywords he publishes have any value.

What is funny is now these sites are winning terms like New Jersey Infiniti G37 and NJ Infiniti dealer and are robbing his clients of significant traffic.  Both sites are are just over a week old and are recieving around 40 hits per day of highy target traffic on high converting keywords. 

The only real benefit for creating these sites is it is a weak search market that he is claiming mastery of and I can monetize the traffic.  At the average wholesale price of $12 per lead one site has already made $144 and the other one is sending enough traffic to Ebay for a total of $65.88 in commissions on top adsense clicks.

All in all these two sites have made close to three hundred dollars in under 10 days.  To bad I do not have enough time push all of his clients down in the SERPS.

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